Name Category Authors Date
Legal Considerations for Start-Ups - Are you overlooking some? Corporate and Other Laws Akshar Panchmia 2023-03-18
ATR & AQMM - Audit Reports of Auditors! Accounting and Audit Darshan Shah 2023-02-04
Bharat Pahle - 75 Year of Independence News and Views Niranjan Mohnot 2023-01-26
Turbulent Times News and Views Gokul B. Rathi 2022-12-24
Artificial Intelligence in Auditing Personal and Digital Branding Narasimhan Elangovan 2022-11-19
Safeguarding Digital Data Personal and Digital Branding Narasimhan Elangovan 2022-11-12
Valuation Basics (Indian Landscape) News and Views Dinesh S Chawla 2022-11-05
Startup Funding and Valuation News and Views Lipi Panchmia 2022-10-29
The subtle art of saying No at workplace Professional Growth Srivatsan G 2022-10-22
How to get the Best out of Budgeting in this Current Uncertain Time Accounting and Audit Manish Kagathara 2022-10-15
Holding - Subsidiary Structure Accounting and Audit Bhavesh Desai 2022-10-08
The art of switching off from work Professional Growth Nidhi Hemani 2022-10-01
Auditors Watchlist Accounting and Audit Nilanjan Paul 2022-09-24
Indian CAs abroad Professional Growth Rakesh Basantani 2022-09-17
Analysis of recent Supreme Court Ruling in case of Wipro Ltd Taxation Madhvi Desai 2022-09-10
Engagement Letters - Why not for all assignments? Professional Growth Zarna P. Chandwani 2022-09-03
Five fingers which can make the hand happy Professional Growth M. Maalan Bharathi 2022-08-27
Whether double deduction of interest paid on housing loan possible? Taxation Shubham Laddha 2022-08-20
Intro to start up and entrepreneurship Professional Growth Ishwarkumar Ramjibhai Jivani 2022-08-13
Five learnings from Chanakya for employers Professional Growth Shivanand Pandit 2022-08-06
Decoding section 194R Taxation and International Taxation Harshita V Jain 2022-07-30
Somewhere in the Parallel Universe - Metaverse and Tax Taxation Saailee Rane 2022-07-23
Section 194R of the Income-Tax Act, 1961: More complications to Ease of Doing Taxation Kishore Kumar Pahuja 2022-07-16
Apex Laboratories - Putting the Freebies Controversy to Rest Taxation Raj Satish Maniyar 2022-07-09
Yield Curve - A Key Economic Indicator News and Views Raju Dokania 2022-07-02
From Being Chartered Accountant to a Complete Accountant Professional Growth Zenith Jain 2022-06-25
Code of Conduct - Key provisions of Relative Size of Fees and Tax Services to Audit Clients Accounting and Audit Samir Parmar 2022-06-18
Read these 4 books to be a better professional Professional Growth Saumitra Paranjape 2022-05-12
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