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“My INDIA”.... A Decade From Now....

Ms Nazneen Ichhaporia Advocate
“Saare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamara..............”

These words unite millions of proud Indians. India, a nation of many religions, languages, customs and beliefs, may have its perils, but in them also lie its myriad opportunities. As we tap the means of realising any such opportunity, we have to realise that the land on which we tread is sacred. Criticism is no way to revere it.

Back from the time of the Indus Valley civilization, till the end of the British Era, Indians as one people have not shared the same destiny, although we may have come close to it during the times of the great emperors Ashoka and Akbar. Sharing destiny entails sharing responsibility. The ‘Indian Dream’ is a million acts of private daring put together and in many of us the dreams of 1947 passed down the generations are still alive. Somewhere deep down in the heart of every Indian is the hope of one day seeing India restored to its former glory.

The areas in which India lags behind today in core competence are agriculture and food processing , education, healthcare, information and communication technology, providing quality infrastructure, creating a culture of self reliance for critical technologies, minimising the rural – urban divide, improving our attitude and approach towards women and emphasis on national security.1 There is little dispute as to what needs to be done; the debate remains over the means to achieve and sustain such core competence.

‘Development’ in India is a term that is loosely used and followed and includes anything that constitutes a new stage in a changing situation. There is always a tendency to view development as an accumulation of capital instead of including factors like the emulation and assimilation of knowledge2. Whereas in practice, it is actually a multi-dimensional term, that is a composite of the degree of economic and social growth. One of the major challenges that...

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